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Create your free video CV

Looking for a way to stand out in the crowded job market? Create your own video CV that you can share with recruiters and employers - completely free.

Here's the problem

Why create a Video CV?

  1. Recruiters receive 1000's of written CVs every day from amazing people just like you.

  2. But unless you're Shakespeare they'll never see your true value in a cover letter or written CV.

  3. Every day candidates around the world secure their dream jobs thanks to the power of Video.

Here's the solution

How a Video CV works

  1. Record your answers to the 6 questions that every employer wants to know.

  2. We email you a personal link to your videos which you can share with anyone.

  3. It takes less than 15 minutes to record your video answers and you don't need to download or install anything. Check out the technical requirements.

"It was really easy to do and I love that I could share the video CV with my recruiter."

Christina, Madrid

"I'm not very confident at writing cover letters but this helped me stand out and secure an interview."

Lewis, Edinburgh

Important legal bits

No data is passed on to 3rd parties or sold. Your Video CV is only accessible via the unique link emailed directly to you once you submit your answers. View the Privacy policy.

Willo Video CV is always free. All we ask in return is that spread the love and tell others about our free video CV tool.

If you wish to have your Video CV deleted please contact us.

Technical Tips

How to rock your Video CV

Check your space - is your environment suitable, and are you relaxed? Remember to check what is visible in the background.
Technology - ensure you have enough charge on your device and a fast internet connection.
Practice - remember you can practice as many times as you need to feel comfortable with the process. Keep your head and shoulders centred in the camera's view and make eye contact with the camera whenever possible.
Device - using a smartphone? To avoid a shakey or blurry recording you should prop your device up on a steady surface.
Relax and have fun!

Create your own Video CV for free

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